Right-wing trolls report online sex workers to tax authorities


Online sex workers have slammed a viral campaign by right-wing “incels” and men’s rights activists to mass report them to tax authorities for allegedly failing to declare income.

The hashtag #ThotAudit, which appears to have been started by a Facebook user calling themselves “David Wu”, began to trend on Sunday after being promoted by controversial pick-up artist and “legal rape” advocate Daryush ‘Roosh’ Valizadeh.

“Online thots are finding out that all income generated from their breasts and vagina is taxable,” Mr Valizadeh tweeted.

“Men are aggressively organising to report all thots. I don’t blame them: these girls are getting a free ride via beta bux and a broken sexual marketplace that is rigged in the favour of females.”

He added that under Internal Revenue Service policy, a whistleblower could receive up to 30 per cent of the tax collected. “There is actually a financial incentive to defeating thottery,” he wrote.

“Thot” is an online slang term meaning “that hoe over there”. One poster on the 4chan imageboard wrote that it now stood for “that hoe owes tax”. Online “camgirls” reported being targeted for their “premium” Snapchat and Instagram services exchanging nude photos for payment.

“PSA to any of my friends who run premium Snapchats — there’s a wave of guys reporting them to the IRS for tax fraud and the like,” one Twitter user wrote. “Please be careful, I know sex work is hard enough.”

Another wrote, “With all these men harassing us, stalking us, snitching to our families, and reporting us to the cops and the IRS, I’m wondering when sex workers are going to snap and take these f****** out when we finally have nothing more to lose.”

Online model Suz Ellis said a “bunch of men on Twitter are mad because they believe they’re entitled to free nudes, so they’re reporting sex workers’ Snapchat incomes to the IRS for audits”. “Just say you hate women and leave,” she wrote.

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