Rich New Yorkers never realized an infamous jewel thief lived next door


To at least one of his West Fourth Street neighbors, Damir Pejcinovic was regarded as “Damian from The Bronx, a guy who made it and now lives in the Village.”

He resided in a $10 million town house and was believed to have accumulated enough wealth to retire while just in his 40s, the neighbor said. But nobody on the quaint block knew what the father of two young boys did to make his fortune. (There was speculation that he came from a big real-estate family.) His wife, Spresa, ran a hair salon out of their building.

But at around dawn on Oct. 24, 2018, FBI agents showed up at the home and arrested Pejcinovic. He is charged with masterminding a robbery ring that, since 2006, had allegedly stolen more than $10 million in jewels and cash in 16 robberies committed in cities ranging from New York to Portland, Ore., and as far as Frankfurt, Germany.
Three of Pejcinovic’s alleged accomplices — Gzimi “Jimbo” Bojkovic and Adrian Fiseku, both of Staten Island, and Elvis “Gorilla” Cirikovic, of Waterbury, Conn. — were also rounded up.

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