Review: Michael Savage’s ‘Stop Mass Hysteria’ Is a Must-Read Book


America is on the path to certain destruction if we don’t get ahold of ourselves and frankly get a grip warns Dr. Michael Savage in his new book, “Stop Mass Hysteria.”

Savage is a lightening rod in political commentary. He is also a prolific writer and observer of the American experiment in self-governance and has written dozens of books. Savage is also heard by more than 10 million each week on his syndicated radio program.

Savage has long trumpeted what he considers the trifecta of defending America from collapse; borders, language, and culture. In his new book he is warning that the angry left will either gain total control of American politics or they will destroy the nation trying to get it. That is unless they are stopped in their tracks and time is beginning to run out.

“Stop Mass Hysteria” really could not come at a better time — as we have just witnessed the near total melt down on the left against the nomination and now the confirmation of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to The United States Supreme Court. Instead of regrouping and considering how to craft a winning message the left is instead plotting to impeach Kavanaugh if given a chance while protests are undercutting the legitimacy of the Supreme Court.

Savage keenly observes that willing partners in the media aid the shrieking left-wing mob taking over the conversation in the country in large part. He writes, “part of the reason mass hysteria takes root more readily is that we no longer have a legitimate, responsible press to arrest it. Today the press skips from manufactured crisis to crisis, from Trump and groping to Trump and Russians to Trump and chaos on his staff to Trump and ‘white supremacy’ to Trump and imagined racism. But unlike the proven crimes of Hillary Clinton, none of those issues are valid or sustainable. They are mass hysteria.”

The blind-left-wing-subservient-echo-chamber is fueled in large part by the mob mentality energized and given a sense of purpose by social media. Even though this sense of purpose is greatly inflated it encourages the mass hysteria we are all seeing today as Dr. Savage observes, “The verbal, text and social media hate — lovingly promulgated by the left-dominated mainstream media — is not only vile, it’s lawless” he writes, adding, “Protected speech does not include death threats against The President and his family — along with other members of government — with the speakers all given a free pass.”

Recently we were exposed to one of the key themes in “Stop Mass Hysteria” and that is the way the left sneaks its agenda into our lives, often right under our noses. Savage explores this idea with this important observation, “Mass hysteria — or mass hypnosis — is insidious and stealthy. It falls into two categories. The first is ‘positive hallucinations or hysteria,’ when you believe something is real, absent any evidence, just because someone says so or it fits your preconceived notions.”

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