Revealed, the BEST countries in the world to raise a child: Britain ranks 11th while the US comes 18th as Denmark, Sweden and Norway clinch the top spots

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UK scored poorly in income equality and political instability caused by Brexit

Scandinavian nations praised for ‘generous’ healthcare and education systems

US came 18th – authors cited gun violence, racial tensions and income inequality

The best countries in the world for raising a child have been revealed – and the UK does not feature in the top ten. Britain ranked 11th in the annual Best Countries report, despite its economy dwarfing every nation above it, while the US came 18th. Scandinavian countries dominated the top of the rankings, with Denmark, Sweden and Norway clinching the first, second and third spots. Denmark was hailed as the best place to start a family because of its ‘generous maternity and paternity leave policies’, as well as free healthcare and education.


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