Syrian-born Ahmad Alissa was known to FBI, ranted about ‘Islamophobes hacking his phone, bought assault rifle 1 week ago

The Daily Mail:

  • Ahmad Alissa of Arvada, Colorado opened fire at the King Soopers grocery store at 2.40pm
  • He killed two people in the parking lot before entering the store, where he killed another eight people 
  • His motive is still not known; when he surrendered to police, he asked to speak to his mother  
  • In Facebook posts over the last 18 months, he complained that he didn’t have a girlfriend and hated Trump 
  • Alissa’s brother also told The Daily Beast he was ‘very anti-social’ and has been ‘paranoid’ since high school 
  • He described him as mentally ill, said he’d been bullied in school and that it was not politically motivated  
  • His sister-in-law said she’d seen him playing with a gun recently but did not suspect him of violence  
  • The victims range in age from 20 to 65; among them was a cop, shoppers and people who were getting their COVID-19 vaccine  
  • The shooting is the seventh mass shooting in the US in a week and comes six days after eight died in Georgia
  • President Biden on Tuesday called for a nationwide ban on assault rifles and tighter laws on background checks 

Ahmad Alissa, the 21-year-old gunman responsible for a mass shooting at a Colorado grocery store on Monday, was known to the FBI and had ranted online about ‘racist islamophobes’ hacking his phone. 

Alissa asked if he could speak with his mother after surrendering to police on Monday, having stripped off and laid down his down his Ruger AR-556 rifle, handgun and tactical vest in the supermarket’s aisles. 

A high school wrestler who has been described by his family as ‘mentally ill’, was born in Syria and moved to the US when he was three.

He now lives in Arvada, Colorado, around 30 miles from the grocery store he targeted. 

At 2.40pm on Monday, he opened fire on the King Soopers grocery store in Boulder, killing ten people.

He was taken into custody at 3.28pm and was transported to the hospital to be treated for a leg wound. He has since been released from the hospital and is now in Boulder County Jail. 

Police have not yet confirmed his motive. He has been charged with ten counts of murder. 

In July 2019, the gunman ranted about racist islamophobic people 'hacking his phone'. His motive hasn't been confirmed by police

In July 2019, the gunman ranted about racist islamophobic people ‘hacking his phone’. His motive hasn’t been confirmed by police 

In Facebook posts over the last 18 months, he complained about not having a girlfriend, ranted about President Trump and talked about his Islamic faith. 

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