Report: UK Police Becoming ‘Irrelevant’ as Crime Surges While Charges and Investigations Plummet


UK police risk becoming “irrelevant” to many people as they fail to investigate huge numbers of reports and bring a “shockingly-low number of charges” for some crimes, despite the number of reported crimes rising steeply, MPs have said.

The report, by Parliament’s Home Affairs Select Committee, argues there could be dire consequences for public safety if problems in the police are not addressed.

New data gathered by the committee reveals that recorded crime has surged by 32 percent in three years – including steep rises in robbery, theft, and vehicle crime – but charges and summons are down 26 percent.

It says that “in all neighbourhoods, without local engagement, policing is at risk of becoming irrelevant to most people, particularly in the context of low rates of investigation for many crimes”.

The police in England and Wales are said to be “struggling to cope” thanks to out-dated technology, falling numbers of officers, and “fragmented” leadership.

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