Report: New DCCC Hire Supports Abolishing Police, ICE


A newly hired Democrat Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) email strategist supports the “abolition” of police departments and stated her “life’s mission” is to abolish the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), Fox News reported Wednesday.

RaeAnn Ensworth, who appears to have since locked her Twitter account, took to the internet in the last few years — especially during the nationwide Black Lives Matter riots — to express her disdain for law enforcement and ICE. Fox News uncovered and obtained screenshots of the controversial tweets after Ensworth announced she would be the new email and SMS strategist for the DCCC starting next month.

“To clarify: I did originally support 8Can’tWait because I didn’t do the research when I originally shared it,” Ensworth wrote in June 2020 about 8 Can’t Wait, an advocacy group that has pushed for eight police reform policies. “I assumed 8Can’tWait would divert funding from the police. It doesn’t, in fact it ADDS money to their budget.”

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