Report: NC Has Best Plan to Fight Critical Race Theory in Schools

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North Carolina proposed a model bill other states should use to seek the banning of critical race theory (CRT) and avoid censorship in schools, a new report says.

American Enterprise Institute’s Max Eden on Monday issued a report in which he said North Carolina had employed the best approach — banning promotion of CRT — in legislative efforts to combat the theory in public schools, the Washington Examiner reported.

Progressive activists and Democrats have insisted that CRT is not taught in public schools despite what some critics say is evidence to the contrary.

Republican-controlled state legislatures have focused on legislation banning CRT.

Eden said state legislatures aiming to ban CRT have focused on prohibiting “compulsion,” “inclusion,” or “promotion.” 

He said banning promotion is the best route. It prohibits school districts from using CRT in teacher training programs or contracting speakers or consultants that integrate it into their programs.

“This approach encompasses the prohibition against compulsion,” Eden wrote. “But most importantly, it threads the needle of preventing the politicization of the classroom without presenting any barrier to honest and accurate classroom instruction.”

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