Report: Illegal Alien with Criminal Record Charged with Murdering Two Americans in Las Vegas Stabbing Spree  


An illegal alien with a criminal record is charged with murdering two Americans, 30-year-old Maris Mareen DiGiovanni and 47-year-old Brent Allan Hallett, in a stabbing spree on the Las Vegas, Nevada, strip. Late last week, 32-year-old Yoni Barrios, reportedly an illegal alien from Guatemala with a criminal record in the sanctuary state of California, allegedly went on a stabbing spree on the Las Vegas strip where he targeted eight random tourists and Americans while wielding a knife. According to the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, Barrios had recently arrived on the Las Vegas strip from California when he encountered DiGiovanni and other women with the “Best Showgirls in Vegas” group, who are hired for events and pose with tourists for photos. Barrios walked up to the showgirls and asked for a photo, according to police, when he eventually pulled out a 12-inch knife — stabbing one of the women, and then stabbing DiGiovanni in the chest. While DiGiovanni was on the ground, one of the women applied pressure on top of her to help before paramedics arrived on the scene. “Barrios thought the women were laughing at him and making fun of his clothing,” the arrest report states, according to the Associated Press. “Barrios started running and looking for groups of people so he could ‘Let the anger out.’” Police allege that Barrios then ran looking for groups of people, stabbing six more including Hallett who died as a result. One of the stabbing victims is in critical condition and two others are in serious condition. The three remaining victims are in fair condition.

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