Report: House Democrat Expressed Disbelief as Biden Heads Back to Delaware for Memorial Day Weekend

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A House Democrat reportedly expressed disbelief upon learning that President Joe Biden would be headed to his home state of Delaware for the Memorial Day weekend despite the debt ceiling fight.

According to a recent report from Politico, Democrats have grown frustrated with Biden for taking what they felt was too much of a hands-off approach when dealing with the debt ceiling fight, with some even expressing disbelief at the thought of him leaving for the weekend.

“It’s time to bring the president off the bench or bring somebody off the bench. No one’s responding to anything. Kevin [McCarthy’s] consistently on message,” said one House Democrat. “We have the Oval Office. I’ve never seen anything like it.”

“They need to use the power of the presidency. I don’t buy this argument that [public silence] helps the negotiation,” said Congressional Black Caucus Chair Steven Horsford (D-NV). “I need the American people to know that Democrats are here fighting, working, prepared to reach an agreement to avoid a default and only the White House, the president, can explain that in this moment.”

Upon hearing that Biden would be away for the weekend, one Democrat lawmaker outright called it “stupid.”