Report: China’s Coronavirus Data Off by Millions of Cases

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A report published by the American Enterprise Institute (AEI) this week denounced China’s official coronavirus statistics as mathematically improbable and estimated the true number of infections from the epidemic in China was about 2.9 million, over a hundred times the total of 81,907 infections claimed by Beijing as of Friday.

“Population size makes it almost certain that China’s disinformation about what happened outside the original outbreak city of Wuhan is worse than the disinformation about what happened inside,” the AEI report contended. The report quoted figures from Chinese state media in January to demonstrate that the number of people who left the outbreak city of Wuhan and its surrounding Hubei province before the city and province were locked down – a wave of travelers consistent with the Lunar New Year season in previous years – would have infected far more people than the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) claims.

Even assuming those figures from Chinese state media were on the high side, possibly because Wuhan officials were eager at the time to demonstrate the enigmatic illness they were passing off as a minor annoyance was not interfering with daily life or the holiday season, the lowest estimates have over a million people leaving the hot zone before travel was restricted – many of them probably carrying the highly infectious coronavirus, which can lurk inside people who do not appear sick, each of whom could be capable of infecting five or six other people.


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