Report: Cellphone Footage Shows Student Repeatedly Punch Georgia Teacher

Cellphone footage shared with a local Georgia television station shows a student repeatedly punching a teacher inside a Gwinnett County classroom on Tuesday.

The incident occurred before noon at Discovery High School in Lawrencville, and according to the teacher’s wife, the attack “left him with a bloodied mouth and head injuries along with a feeling of dizziness,” WSB-TV Atlanta reported. Cellphone video shows the student punching the teacher before another student intervened.

“I don’t think people should have the crap beat out of them when they go to work,” his wife told the television station on condition of anonymity. “I just want the students and the teachers to be safe, because my husband signed up to be a teacher. He loves his job.”

The incident reportedly occurred the day after the teacher spoke with the parents of the student about his poor performance in the class, the teacher’s wife added.

A Gwinnett County Schools spokesperson told the outlet the district is looking into the incident. It is unclear if the student involved will be disciplined or if the student will face criminal charges.


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