Report: Biden’s Approval Rating Falls Below Trump’s Worst-Ever Rating

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While recent polls show that President Joe Biden’s job approval rating just keeps falling, the latest Rasmussen Reports daily tracking poll saw Biden’s approval rating fall below former President Donald Trump’s worst-ever rating.

According to the Washington Examiner, Trump’s approval rating never dipped below 38% in four years of Rasmussen polls, while Biden’s approval rating was measured at 37% by the polling company on Friday.

The White House has tried to fix Biden’s steady slide in the polls with more travel and speeches and staffing changes to no avail, and now some Democrats looking to keep their jobs in November are distancing themselves from him as well, the news outlet reports.

A record-low of Democrats — 65% — currently approve of the president, which is down from the low 70% range.

Voters’ concerns about the commander-in-chief range from the state of the economy to soaring inflation to energy prices and seem likely to influence this year’s midterm congressional elections.

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