Report: 30+ California Children Remain Stranded in Afghanistan


According to California school board officials in three districts, which confirmed the U.S. legal status of the children to the Associated Press (AP), 30 children “have been forgotten by the U.S. government.”

The AP reported the children remain stranded due to Biden pulling U.S. forces from the country before the children could make their way through the Taliban terrorists’ check points enroute to the extraction point at the airport.

San Juan Union School District in Sacramento identified “27 students from 19 families” that remain stranded. Another school district inside Sacramento told the AP they had three trapped children in hiding.

Union School District spokeswoman Raj Rai told the AP she believes “some of these families may be in transit out of Afghanistan, as we have not been able to reach many of them in the last few days.”

Sacramento City Unified School District spokeswomen added, “The only word I can say is heartbreaking,” and “sincerely” hopes “for their speedy and safe return back to the U.S. and back to our school communities.”

“We can confirm that we currently have 29 students, from 19 families, in Afghanistan,” Rai affirmed, ensuring her readiness to “support these students and families in whatever way” she can.

It is unknown how many Americans are still stranded in Afghanistan. U.S. officials estimate nearly 200 may remain, though other reports indicate the number could be thousands. An original White House report indicated about 11,000 had been in the country right before its collapse.

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