Rep. Mike Garcia– Democrats want to take California’s worst ideas nationwide (HEY! SAVAGE SAID THAT IN OCTOBER!)

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High tax, anti-worker legislation is making California unlivable for everyone except the wealthy (and the very poor)

The politicians running Washington, D.C., are trying to take California national. Unfortunately, it is not the year-round sunshine and ocean breeze they are seeking.  

Those in charge of our federal government are taking the worst of California and inflicting it on the rest of America via ugly twin legislation in Congress

Under the reign of progressives who have a stranglehold on Sacramento, California has become the test tube for some of the most radical, far-left policies imaginable, and the results have been near catastrophic for families, small business owners and anyone trying to have some semblance of a life.  

High tax, anti-worker legislation is making California unlivable for everyone except the wealthy and even many wealthy people are heading for the door.  

Since its formation as a state, California’s population has only grown – until now. Californians are leaving in such large numbers that, for the first time, the state will lose at least one seat in the House.  

Voters are speaking up and fighting back.  

Gov. Gavin Newsom is now staring down a potential recall in a state where four congressional seats flipped from Democratic to Republican just a few months ago, including the Democratic-leaning seat I now represent.  

This reckless disregard for taxpayers is why I ran for office; to stop progressive Washington politicians who are hell bent on enacting the very same policies California voters are resoundingly rejecting.  

For every bad policy in California there is a near identical one being moved through the current Congress. 

The House agenda this week includes a bill called the Pro Act. California workers know this as AB5, legislation making independent contractors (read: Uber drivers and kids delivering newspapers) full-time employees of their respective employers.  

AB5 cost tens of thousands of California jobs. Overturning it was a central theme of my race for Congress, and voters elected me not once, but twice, in a district Joe Biden carried by 10 points. In November, while Biden won California with 63.5%, voters via referendum overturned the disastrous bill with 59% of the vote. 

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