Rep. Maxine Waters tells Los Angeles homeless to ‘go home’  

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Washington Examiner

Video footage captured Rep. Maxine Waters telling a large group of homeless people gathered in south Los Angeles to “go home.” The event took place on Friday, but cellphone video made its rounds on social media afterward. In the footage, Waters appears to be surrounded on all sides by people seeking housing vouchers. “I want everybody to go home,” Waters told the crowd. “We don’t got no home. That’s why we’re here,” one woman responded off-camera. “What home we gonna go to?” This group of homeless people had gathered outside the Vermont Community’s Family Solutions Center under the false pretense they would be receiving housing vouchers. Many can be heard in the video asking where they can apply for Section 8 vouchers, which, according to the Housing Authority of the City of Los Angeles, closed its waiting list until further notice. “Nothing is going to happen here today,” Waters told them. “Nothing is going to happen anymore today.” Waters went on to promise that she would continue to work with the HACLA and the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority later that same day. “That’s why they’re out here today,” Waters said while outside the Family Solutions Center. “I made them come out here.” Waters originally reported she had just been passing by the area when she noticed the crowd and decided to intervene. She reportedly went on to threaten an employee of the Los Angeles Times for covering the story. “You’ll hurt yourself and the community trying to put this together,” Waters said.

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