Rep Marjorie Taylor Greene warns about National Gun Registry being pitched by Biden

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene has sent this email to supporters:


When I ran the ad above in my district, the liberals in DC clutched their pearls and headed to their fainting couches. They called me every name in the book because they had no idea how to handle a strong conservative woman.

When I got here, they did everything they could to force me out of office, because they had a plan to take away your rights as an American and they knew I would NEVER let it happen. They failed, and when Joe Biden announced that our God-given rights were an “International Embarrassment,” and he was going to start taking them away, I thanked God that I was still here in DC to fight him.

I will fight him with everything I have, but I need to know RIGHT NOW who is with me and who isn’t. Will you stand with me against Joe Biden’s Tyranny (DONATION PAGE)

Every time government leaders told you when you could leave your home, when you could send your children to school, when you could worship, every time they decided when you could and could not work – ALL OF IT WAS LEADING TO THIS MOMENT.

This was always their goal – to defund the police and to take your right to defend yourself, then nobody could stand up to them. I’m still here and I’m still standing.

I need you to stand with me (DONATION PAGE)

They know I am going to be a problem, and they are going to come after me. I need to be able to fight back, to fight for you.

If you love this nation and refuse to permit the radical left to rule this nation, then I need you to continue to support my efforts in our fight for freedom (DONATION PAGE)

Together, we can stop this, but we need to start today, and I need you by my side! God Bless America,

Marjorie Taylor Greene

Congresswoman (R-GA) P.S. Please remember that the same people seeking to take away your right to bear arms are the same people who side with Antifa and BLM. If you can see the writing on the wall, then join me in the fight to protect our Constitutional Rights with a gift of $50, $100, or even $1,000 TODAY! (DONATION PAGE)

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