Renowned Photographer Misan Harriman Speaks Out Against Balenciaga

Photographer Misan Harriman, who regularly photographs the Sussexes, has spoken out against fashion house Balenciaga in a video shared on social media. 

The Spanish fashion brand is facing backlash for a spring/summer 2023 shoot that features young children posing with teddy bears that appear to be wearing bondage gear. A separate photo on the Balenciaga website reportedly featured a court document pertaining to child pornography laws. Balenciaga has since pulled the ads, per ABC News.

“As a photographer that’s worked with many brands in the fashion industry, I’m utterly horrified,” Harriman says at the beginning of a black-and-white video he shared on Twitter. “And I’m angry. I know how many steps you go through as a photographer to get the client to approve images, I know how many adult eyes have to look at images for them to be printed, especially for a retail campaign or [if] you’re selling the product online,” he continued. “This gift shop shoot by Balenciaga is abhorrent. And those babies, those children that were not protected…The fashion industry needs to do something about this.”

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