Relentless Russian attacks take out Ukrainian power, water stations

Russian forces on Tuesday accelerated their assault on Ukrainian power and water infrastructure in what Pentagon officials called a concerted effort “to inflict pain” on civilians as winter looms.

Whether it will be enough to turn the tide of a military campaign that has gone badly for the Kremlin is another question.

Russian drones and missiles hit the capital of Kyiv and other key cities across Ukraine, specifically power plants and other infrastructure. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said 30% of his country’s power stations had been destroyed over eight days, leading to rolling blackouts. 

The calculated attacks, Western defense officials said, are the latest proof of Moscow’s evolving war plan in Ukraine. Having lost significant ground to a military counteroffensive, Russian President Vladimir Putin is embracing a darker strategy of cutting off Ukrainian citizens’ access to basic services such as electricity and clean water as winter sets in, Western officials said.

Kyiv and other cities in central and western Ukraine that were relatively quiet after the initial Russian invasion was repulsed are once again facing daily reminders that their country is at war.

The increasingly brutal attacks on nonmilitary targets appear to have slammed shut whatever window may have been open for diplomatic negotiations on a cease-fire.


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