‘Record High’: Biden’s Supply Chain Crisis Is Short 80,000 Truck Drivers


President Biden’s supply chain crisis is short 80,000 truck drivers, President and CEO of the American Trucking Association told CNN on Tuesday. Before the pandemic, the trucking industry was reportedly in need of 61,500 drivers, 30 percent less than in October. “That’s a pretty big spike,” Chris Spear said, noting that some drivers are leaving the industry and retiring while shipping ports remain filled to capacity with containers. The buildup of freight at the ports is likely due to a labor shortage spurred on by far-left policies of paying people not to work via large unemployment benefits. Biden has taken notice of their poor economic polices by issuing an executive order last week to force ports to remain open 24 hours so truckers would have more time to remove the containers from the port. But many destinations to which truckers are delivering the freight are not open all night. Many warehouses, for instance, are not open to receive deliveries 24/7. “24/7 operations – it’s an improvement,” Spear explained. “But it doesn’t matter if it’s a port in LA or Long Beach, or the last mile of delivery from a train to a warehouse in Wichita. You’re going to have to have a driver and a truck move that freight.” After Spear threw cold water on Biden’s plan to fix the national supply chain crisis, he said what is needed are drivers to become employed in the trucking industry.

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