I have been in the US Military (active & reserves) for 30 years, and I have been in Law Enforcement for 23 years. I want to wish you a wonderful birthday blessed with family, health and friends.

You have an amazing gift from God and thank you for continuing to share it with the world. I do not have any one favorite show because they all provide great nuggets of wisdom that have touched my soul many of times over the years. For instance, “Bernie Sanders President”, you spoke about listening to Beethoven in the car, specifically mentioning 7th Symphony.

This struck a chord with me out of the blue as well. You see many years ago, I used to investigate child homicide crimes and I often would pull my car over a few blocks away from my home on my way back from these horrific crimes.

I would listen to some classical music, and I would often cry (weep is a better description). This helped me to compose myself and disperse (as you stated “Wash Away”) my blood-stained visions, anger, rage, or total despair in humanity that I had built up in my mind during the investigation.

Beethoven’s 7th Symphony was/still is one of my favorites to listen too. The majestic music would bring back the beauty in life and melt away my pain or cleanse my thoughts so that I could bear to come home and see my wife and children and enjoy their innocence in life. To this day I cannot hear this masterpiece without shedding a tear.

Thank you for your brilliant words, steadfast wisdom, and guidance

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