Real life river monster! Stingray weighing 661lbs and measuring 13ft-long caught in Cambodia is thought to be the world’s largest freshwater fish  

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Scientists say the world’s largest freshwater fish was hooked in Cambodia

A local fisherman caught a stingray that weighs 661lbs and measures 13 ft-long

The stingray, nicknamed ‘Boramy’ or ‘full moon’ in the Khmer language

The previous record holder was a catfish caught in Thailand in 2005

A local fisherman in Cambodia has captured a true river monster that scientists believe is the world’s largest freshwater fish. Moul Thun, 42, hooked a massive stingray that weighs 661 pounds and measures 13-feet-long, breaking the previous record of a catfish, discovered in Thailand in 2005, which clocked in at 646 pounds. The stingray, nicknamed ‘Boramy’ or ‘full moon’ in the Khmer language, was snagged in the Mekong River that is famous for hosting various species of large fish. A team of scientists from the Wonders of Mekong research project helped tag, measure and weigh the ray before it was released back into the river. The tag, which blasts out an acoustic signal, will allow experts to understand the stingray’s behavior throughout the large river – it runs through China, Myanmar, Laos Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam. The device will send tracking information for the next year.

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