Rare 3D Camera Found Containing Photos from WWI

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While visiting an estate in Ontario’s Niagara Falls two years ago, a film enthusiast stumbled upon a rare World War I Richard Verascope stereo camera previously owned by the French Army. Here’s what he found inside.

The verascope camera, which was purchased by A Nerd’s World‘s Chris Hughes, was found in pristine condition and included the original leather carrying case and glass slides. The antique had been in the possession of an elderly man who was clearing out his camera collection in preparation for retirement.

“Each slide is a piece of history in photographic form and I get shivers every time I place a glass slide into the 3D stereo viewer,” writes Hughes.

Here’s what a typical glass slide looks like:

Originally the images were shown in special “stereoscopic” viewers that overlapped separate images in your two eyes, to recreate a 3D effect. These days there are various ways to achieve 3D, including polarizing lenses and red-green glasses. This story uses animation to bring out the 3D aspect of the photos on the flat surface of your screen, without any special technology.

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