Rand Paul: Disingenuous Republicans at the spending trough


Some say that it is irresponsible NOT to raise the debt ceiling.

Well, true fiscal conservatives say it’s irresponsible to raise the debt ceiling without any reform of our profligate spending.

To allow the debt limit to go up an infinite amount, as much as Congress can possibly spend over nearly a two-year period, is about as fiscally irresponsible as has ever been seen in our history.

The federal government is spending nearly $2 million every minute.

The annual deficit this year will exceed $1.2 trillion.

What is irresponsible is recklessly indenturing our children and grandchildren.

What is irresponsible is binding our kids to this massive burden of debt.

What is irresponsible is a Congress that believes they are Santa Claus – everything to everyone, and it’s all free.

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