Rampaging vikings were fuelled by hallucinogenic herbal tea that made them feel less pain and become ‘highly aggressive’ say scientists

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Viking warriors known as berserkers went into battle naked in animalistic frenzy

The elite fighters were known for vicious rampages scandinavian middle ages

Scientists believe secret to their fearlessness was mind-bending hallucinogens

‘Stinking henbane’ plant infused with tea or alcohol to make them feel less pain

Viking warriors were fuelled by a hallucinogenic herbal tea as they went on blood-thirsty raids across northern europe, scientists claim. The warrior culture of the scandinavian middle ages was marked by norse skirmishes with their neighbouring communities, that often involved looting and pillaging.  Elite fighters, known as berserkers who went into battle without traditional armour, entered into a state of animalistic frenzy before fighting, according to historians.  It is said that after the battles finished their anger subsided. Now scientists believe the secret behind their fearless rampages were mind-bending hallucinogens.


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