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Finland: Millennial PM Goes Clubbing Without Official Phone — Misses Call that She Needs to Quarantine

Finland’s Prime Minister Sanna Marin missed a Wuhan coronavirus contact alert because she had left her government phone at home when she went out partying at a Helsinki nightclub. The millennial prime minister was alerted to possible Covid-19 contact exposure after Finland’s Foreign Minister Pekka Haavisto, who the premier had met with on Friday, tested positive for the virus. However, Marin missed alerts instructing her to limit contacts on Saturday evening which were sent to her ministerial government telephone. Ms Marin later admitted that she had left the ministerial phone at home while she had gone out to a local restaurant and a nightclub in Helsinki. She claimed that she had only brought her parliamentary phone with her, SVT reports. “I should have used better judgement on Saturday night. In retrospect, I realise that I should have checked the information again,” Marin said on Facebook. Finland’s public broadcaster YLE reported on Tuesday that two complaints had been submitted to the Chancellor of Justice regarding the incident. The first is that Marin did not have the ministerial telephone with her. The second complaint revolves around the failure of the Prime Minister’s Office to get in contact with Marin to inform her of the coronavirus exposure. According to the Secretary of State, Marin received the notification that she had been exposed to the coronavirus at around 7:20 pm, but did not receive subsequent texts recommending she limit contact with others as they were sent later in the evening to her ministerial phone.

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