‘Racial Segregation’: White Students Banned from Black History Month Events at University

White students have reportedly been banned from attending Black History Month events by a student union at the University of Westminster, leading to accusations of racial segregation on campus.

The student union reportedly proclaimed in an email to students that some events during Black History Month — which is observed in October in the United Kingdom and Ireland — will be “reserved for black students to encourage a safe space for discussions and honest conversations,” according to a report from The Telegraph.

In response, Brexit leader Nigel Farage said: “Now we have apartheid. Well done everyone, racial segregation is back.”

Mixed-race political commentator and Anglican deacon Calvin Robinson said that he was “sorry to see [the Westminster Student Union] implementing racial segregation at [the University of Westminster].

“This is the problem with Critical Race Theory. Well intentioned activists are trying to create ‘safe spaces’ and inadvertently stoking racial tensions where they may not have existed to begin with,” Robinson added.

The union didn’t specify which events would be prohibited for white students. On Instagram this week, advertising a career development seminar, the union said: “This is a Black History Month event but ALL students are welcome! Be sure not to miss out.”


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