Rabbi Offers Religious Vaccine Exemptions for All Faiths to Avoid Experimental COVID-19 Shots

Big League Politics:

A prominent Chabad rabbi is offering to give religious exemption waivers to help anyone of any faith avoid having to take the “yellow star” of mandatory vaccinations.

Rabbi Michoel Green appeared on Big League Politics Live where he talked about the oppression he has endured for opposing COVID-19 lockdowns and mandatory vaccinations. He is galvanizing patriots in his Hasidic community as well as the rest of America to resist experimental COVID-19 vaccinations.

“I’ve reached out to fellow patriots. People of all kinds. We have to network and we have to be willing to stand up for each other,” Green said.

“One thing I’ve been trying to explain to people in the Jewish community is that we have to understand that everything they’ve been telling us, all the fearmongering, and all the misinformation we have been fed by the government, it’s all being done as a guise, as a pretense, for them to inflict tyranny upon us,” he added.

Green noted that the teachings from disgraced public health officials and Big Pharma-bought scientists are offensive to his Jewish beliefs. 

“We need to be there for people, and we have to not be afraid of people… How many times has the Bible said do not be afraid. Do not fear government. Do not fear the media. Do not fear anyone, and do not fear that someone has a cough walking by you… They want us to live in this fear, so we have to reject the fear because tyranny can only exist in a climate of fear,” he said.

Big League Politics reported on how Rabbi Green was rejected by the Chabad’s equivalent of the deep state for his brave, common-sense views:

A prominent rabbi has been fired from Chabad for opposing experimental COVID-19 vaccinations that have already been proven to have dangerous side-effects.

Rabbi Michoel Green served as the envoy for the Hasidic movement in Westborough, Mass. for nearly two decades, but he has been removed from his posts for sharing his honest opinions about vaccinations.

“It’s NOT immunization. It’s pathogenic priming & mass sterilization,” he wrote last week in a social post deemed problematic by the Chabad powers-that-be.

This is part of the movement to root out vaccine skepticism within Orthodox Jewish communities. Orthodox Jews have been among the most vocal groups in America actively opposing vaccine mandates on religious grounds.

Rabbi Mendel Fogelman, director of the Central Massachusetts Chabad, claimed that Green’s posts were “contrary to the organization’s mission and a direct conflict with the sacred task for which he was appointed.”

Getting stuck with Big Pharma’s unproven and harmful shots is apparently a Hebrew religious sacrament in the eyes of this heretic.

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