President George W. Bush’s top strategist, Karl Rove, is now backing the Democrats’ bill to amnesty at least one million illegal migrants brought to the United States by their illegal-migrant parents.

The news was buried in a report by the Dallas Morning News on February 2:

Rove, a GOP strategist and longtime adviser to former President George W. Bush, joined in the coalition’s launch Tuesday. He said he recognized that “there are a lot of people in my party who don’t share my views.” But he said a permanent solution is still the “right thing to do.”

“It would be a blot on our country’s soul if we were to take hundreds of thousands of people who’ve known no country but America and tell them to get lost,” he said, adding that it would be “politically smart for both parties” to secure permanent legal status for Dreamers.

Rove worked for Bush when he pushed the “Any Willing Worker” plan. The plan would have abolished Americans’ right to a national labor market by allowing employers to hire foreign workers for meager wages if the employers could not persuade Americans to take the offered wages. Rove also worked for Bush when he tried and failed to pass pro-employer amnesty and cheap labor bills in 2006 and 2007.

In November 2020, President Donald Trump lost Georgia, Arizona, and many other former swing states because of the demographic changes ensured by the GOP’s past support for immigration. In January 2021, all GOP senators lost their jobs as members of the Senate majority because immigrant voters in Georgia provided Democrats with a working majority in the Senate. The defeat came 30 years after GOP senators in 1990 helped President George H. Bush doubled the inflow of migrants, mostly for the benefit of the GOP’s donor class.

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