‘Queer Your Classroom’: Teachers Trained on Injecting Gender Ideology into Science, Math Class


The National Science Teaching Association held training sessions for Pre-K-12 teachers to inject gender ideology into their classrooms, including referring to their students by their bodily functions to be a “better intersex ally.”

One video included in the slide show says that some use language like “people with penises” or “people with vaginas” instead of “male” and “female” or “men” and “women” so as to be “more inclusive” to transgender people. That language, however, is not inclusive to intersex people.

Therefore, the video continues, the way to identify and refer to others inclusively is through the bodily functions they can perform, such as “people who can get pregnant,” “people who can get other people pregnant,” and “people who are at risk of testicular cancer.”

The training also tells teachers to hide information from parents if students come out to them.

“Sex is biological, what a child has been assigned at birth. It’s not always correct and it doesn’t always match with gender identity,” a footnote of the “Queer Your Classroom” slideshow says, arguing that gender does not equal sex. “Gender is multi-faceted and a social construct. Gender identity is how you see yourself. Gender expression is how you express/display your gender to others, and gender attribution is how other people see your gender.”

Some tips the training gives teachers as to how to refer to their classrooms is never to say things like “ladies and gentlemen” or “boys and girls” and to instead call them other things that “[don’t] reinforce the binary.”


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