Queen of the F-bomb: a VP Susan Rice sure would embody an interesting idea of Joe Biden’s ‘return to normalcy’

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American Thinker:

Part of Joe Biden’s appeal to voters, at least based on his campaign video ads, is that he will restore ‘civility’ and ‘normalcy’ to White House operations, and end ‘divisiveness’ that has plagued America. That’s his pitch.

So now we have him mumbling to himself, hiding in his basement, and under intense pressure by the Obama faction of the Democratic Party to name Susan Rice as his vice presidential candidate.

The idea of that buccolic ad scenario, all unity and harmony and ‘normalcy’ is undermined by this latest revelation about her, noted by Fox News, citing a column by lefty Dana Milbank, arguing that she would be anything but that.

She’d be “a lightning rod” for Republicans, who can’t stand her, as well as a source of discontent on the inside, given her talent for making “fast enemies,” according to Milbank. And above all, her use of the f-bomb. Apparently she can’t string together a simple sentence without it:

History of rudeness

Milbank notes that Rice has been known to be unpleasant in interpersonal situations. “Her F-bombs are legend,” he writes, and has rarely refrained from using other rude language or gestures when criticizing political opponents.

She once referred to Graham as a “piece of sh–,” during a popular podcast, and once raised her middle finger to Richard Holbrooke, a former U.S. diplomat who died in 2010, Milbank recounts.

And it turns out, the story checks out. Here’s a 2015 Washington Times account by Bill Gertz:

White House National Security Adviser Susan E. Rice has developed a reputation among those who work with her for harshly criticizing people by using the “F bomb,” according to current and former U.S. officials familiar with two exchanges.

The first case involved a 2013 White House meeting between Ms. Rice and Gen.Keith Alexander, who was director of the National Security Agency, regarding NSA spying on foreign leaders including German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

According to one senior U.S. official, Ms. Rice opened the conversation with the four-star general, now retired, with: “Why the [expletive] are you listening to Angela Merkel’s phone calls?” The angry comment was prompted by disclosures of NSA spying on foreign leaders that were contained in pilfered documents obtained by fugitive NSA contractor Edward Snowden.

The normally reserved Gen. Alexander was said to have fired back: “Because you told us to.”

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