Putin’s ‘secret’ doctor and dancer daughters hit with sanctions after tyrant dad’s horrific war crimes in U…


VLADIMIR Putin’s secret daughters have been hit with sanctions in the wake of their tyrant father’s horrific war crimes in Ukraine.

Dr Maria Vorontsova, 36, a geneticist, and Dr Katerina Tikhonova, 34, a dancer-turned-mathematician, are being blackballed by UK leaders and the US amid the Russian despot’s continuing atrocities.

The 67-year-old head of state has always tried to keep his offspring out of the limelight and has rarely ever discussed them.

But their dad’s denial has done little to keep them off the sanctions-hit list, as they were slapped with travel bans and asset freezes today.

The United States announced the sanctions on Wednesday saying it was toughening penalties against Russian banks in retaliation for war crimes in Ukraine.

The US also acted against two of Russia’s largest banks, Sberbank and Alfa Bank, prohibiting assets from going through the US financial system and barring Americans from doing business with those two institutions.


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