Putin’s ‘Brain’ Calls Russian War in Ukraine ‘Fight Against American Hegemony,’ Warns World Will End if Russia Defeated


Russia’s fight in Ukraine is aimed at America and “global liberal elites,” according to Russian ultra-right ideologue Alexander Dugin, who has been called everything from “Putin’s brain” to “Putin’s Rasputin,” as well as “the most dangerous philosopher in the world.” He also warned that a Russian defeat would spell the end of the world.

Prominent Russian philosopher, historian and sociologist Alexander Dugin claimed in an interview with Al-Jazeera on Saturday that Russia faces an existential threat and is thus posed to succeed in the current conflict.

“Russia is destined to win. We have no other choice,” he said. “This is an existential threat to us, so victory is our only choice.”

“After our victory, the world will not be the same as it is today,” he added.

When asked if the fight in Ukraine was ultimately aimed at the U.S., Dugin, whose Foundations of Geopolitics helped reshape the views of Russia’s political and military elite in the late 1990s and gave a new form to old prejudices against the Western nations by means of the “Eurasianist” ideology, replied in the affirmative.

“This is a fight against American hegemony, but not only the hegemony of the Americans,” he said, adding that the current confrontation is also directed against “the global liberal elites who are trying to take over the world.”


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