Putin sets up air defence system near secret forest palace

PARANOID Vladimir Putin has deployed major air defences at his secret forest palace to guard his mistress and her children from aerial attack, reports claim.

A Pantsir-S1 missile battery was spotted close to the tyrant’s opulent lair on Lake Valdai, days after similar anti-aircraft rockets were deployed on rooftops in Moscow.

A radar-guided missile launcher was also set up near Putin’s official residence just outside the capital, pictures shared online appear to show.

Both his homes are now protected from possible attack from drones or long-range missiles launched from Ukraine.

Mad Vlad – said to be suffering mania as a side-effect of cancer drugs – reportedly fears being toppled as a result of his disastrous war in Ukraine.

New images appear to show the mobile Pantsir-S1 battery stationed in the village of Yascherovo, half-way between Moscow and St Petersburg.

The high-tech launcher has anti-aircraft guns and radar-guided rockets designed to bring down jets, drones and cruise missiles at a range of up to 12 miles.

Three servicemen are constantly nearby, and the radar dish rotates scanning for threats, said a report by Agentstvo Novosti.

Close by is Putin’s luxury forest bolthole beside Lake Valdai, a sprawling estate boasting a palatial main residence, guesthouses, a golf course and a massive spa complex with a “personal beauty parlour”.


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