‘Putin Protection Act’: Dem Rep Claims Prevention Of Censorship Helps Dictators

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Daily Caller

Democratic Rep. Jamie Raskin of Maryland claimed Wednesday that legislation to prevent government agents from censoring Americans would help dictators like Russian President Vladimir Putin. “We have agencies alerting social media saying they are putting up fraudulent information on your platform and now they come forward and say the Democrats are trying to what? Tell the truth? Not Democrats. The government, our paid federal government agencies are telling the social media like when Russia, China and Iran are trying to interfere in our elections,” Raskin claimed, labeling HR 140, the Protecting Speech from Government Interference Act the “Putin Protection Act.” Republican Rep. James Comer of Kentucky, chairman of the House Oversight Committee, introduced the legislation Jan. 9.


“They want Putin and Xi to run free over our platforms and fine federal government employees thousands of dollars if they alert our government to what foreign malign actors are doing. And the whole justification for it is their silly obsession with Hunter Biden’s laptop,” Raskin continued.

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