Putin now plays havoc in space: U.S. accuses Russia of ‘dangerous and irresponsible behavior’

The United States has lashed out at Russia’s ‘dangerous and irresponsible behavior’ for conducting an anti-satellite weapons test that created a field of 1,500 pieces of debris endangering the crew of the International Space Station.

Tensions between the United States and Russia have escalated in recent days as Moscow is being blamed for fueling a migrant crisis on the Belarus-Poland border.

Biden administration officials have also grown alarmed at the massing of Russian military forces near the Ukrainian frontier – prompting officials in Kiev to warn that the Kremlin seeks to ‘shatter Europe.’ 

The State Department confirmed that the debris was from an old Russian satellite destroyed in Monday’s anti-satellite weapons test.

The Russian military launched a Nudol surface-to-space missile from its Plesetsk Cosmodrome facility in the northern part of the country. The missile destroyed the Cosmos 1408 satellite, which weighs 2,000 kilograms, according to arsTECHNICA.

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