Putin blowing up nuke in Black Sea would release killer poisonous gas cloud & trigger tsunamis, warns top…

RUSSIA detonating a nuclear bomb in the Black Sea could trigger a killer toxic gas cloud and six and a half foot high tsunamis, it has been warned.

Nato is watching closely as the world sits on the brink of a nuclear crisis – with US President Joe Biden comparing the situation to the heights of the Cold War.

Putinwho turned 70 today – has been wildly swinging his nuclear sabre as he repeatedly threatens to go nuclear over his disastrous war in Ukraine.

It is feared Russia could either use a nuke on the battlefield or instead do a test, potentially in a remote region or over the Black Sea.

Defence sources have said there is a real possibility that Putin could consider detonating a nuke in the sea which is bordered by Russia, Ukraine and Georgia along with Nato nations, Turkey, Bulgaria and Romania.

But a leading expert has warned detonating a nuclear bomb in the Black Sea could have disastrous consequences.


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