Putin Accuses West of ‘Nuclear Blackmail’, Announces Conscription to Boost Russian Army

Russian leader Vladimir Putin announced the beginning of a partial military conscription in a speech on Monday in which he accused the West of “nuclear blackmail” and trying to “destroy” Russia.

Vladimir Putin has announced the beginning of conscription measures in Russia in response to growing difficulties the country is facing with the Ukraine war, a move that potentially represents a significant escalation of Moscow’s already bloody conflict.

The announcement was made as part of a rare public address given by the Russian president to the citizens of his country, during which he also accused Western powers of ultimately aiming to “destroy” Russia.

While disinformation in relation to the ongoing conflict is widespread, there now appears to be consensus at least that the invasion is not going as well for Russian forces as the Kremlin might have initially hoped. The new Russian conscription measures are likely aimed at making available more troops for the conflict in an attempt to rescue what Russia has euphemistically termed its “special military operation” in Ukraine.


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