Protesters surround Jewish journalist’s home after NYC council candidate’s rioting arrest

Fox News:

A New York City Council candidate was arrested in connection to the assault of a Jewish journalist, prompting dozens of protesters to gather outside the journalist’s house Sunday for inciting what they’re calling an unconstitutional “political arrest.”

Harold “Heshy” Tischler was taken into custody by the New York City Police Department Warrant Squad on Sunday night. He was charged with inciting to riot and unlawful imprisonment in connection with an assault of a journalist that took place on Oct. 7 in Brooklyn.

Videos showed dozens of protesters, who appeared to be members of the Orthodox Jewish community, gather outside Jewish Insider national politics reporter Jacob Kornbluh’s home after Tischler was taken unto custody. NYPD also responded to the scene, as protesters shouted from the ground up to people standing on the building’s balconies. 

The arrest comes after Kornbluh claimed on Twitter last Wednesday that he was “brutally assaulted, hit in the head, and kicked” by hundreds of community members during a protest in Borough Park in Brooklyn.

He said the crowd assaulted him while calling him a “Nazi” and “Hitler.” Kornbluh also said Tischler recognized him and ordered the crowd to chase him down the street.

Tischler, a supporter of President Trump running for a spot on the New York City Council, has been organizing protests in response to new restrictions limiting religious gatherings in large Orthodox Jewish communities in Queens and Brooklyn. 

In a video message posted before his arrest, Tischler said he received a call from the NYPD’s 66th Precinct informing him he should turn himself in Monday or he would be taken into custody.

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