Imagine that you’ve just been called into the middle school principal’s office to have a “serious talk” about your daughter.

You’re worried — is it her grades? Her behavior? Is she hurt?

Instead, the principal tells you that your daughter — your 12- year-old little girl — is now your son. That behind your back, the school has been “educating” your preteen daughter — for months, in total secret — about how to “transition” her gender.

And they instructed her to keep it hidden from you…because you “can’t be trusted.”

That you, her parent, are not “safe.”

But now, she has a new name. New pronouns. A new bathroom. And you just need to accept it.

Wouldn’t you be furious? I know I would be!

So it’s no surprise that’s exactly how Jessica Konen felt when she was called into her daughter’s California middle school and this nightmare played out in real life.

Now, Jessica is fighting back and suing the school district — plus the principal and the two teachers who “groomed” her daughter — and she needs your help to win justice in a court of law.

Will you please make an urgent, tax-deductible donation to the Center for American Liberty and help us fund this lawsuit while generating a nationwide wave of support for Jessica and her daughter?

I hope you will, because as infuriating as that story is, the details are even more outrageous.

Would you believe Jessica’s daughter was just eleven when she was lured by these teachers to join their so-called “Equality Club”?

They first convinced this little girl that she was bisexual. Then, as they sunk their hooks deeper, they told her — not long after her twelfth birthday — that really, she was probably “transgender.”

“But don’t tell your parents!” they warned.

In fact, they operated the entire club under a cloak of secrecy.

No permission slips were signed. No attendance was taken. No membership lists were kept. Meetings were scheduled for lunchtime — instead of after school, like other clubs — so parents wouldn’t begin to wonder where their kids were.

What were they hiding??

If you’ve followed the growing nationwide problem of teachers “grooming” young, confused students — you probably know some of the predatory tactics these teachers often use to manipulate vulnerable children into believing they’re “transgender” or “non-binary.”

This case was no exception. In fact, these two teachers even let some of their secrets slip on leaked audio from a Teachers Association conference!

Discussing how they managed to target so many new recruits for their club, one of the teachers confessed: “We totally stalked what they were doing on Google.”

These teachers zeroed in on confused and troubled students and — instead of helping them — they further filled these children’s heads with lies and more confusion.

Which is why I’m asking you to make an urgent donation of $35 or more today if you agree with our lawsuit against these teachers, the principal, and the Spreckels Union School District.

My name is Harmeet Dhillon. I’m a lawyer, and the founder of the Center for American Liberty. You may recognize me from one of my many Fox News appearances with Jessica Konen or other plaintiffs my nonprofit organization is representing in lawsuits against government officials who violate Americans’ rights.

Today, I’m asking you to join us in support of Jessica’s case.

It’s clear that the defendants deprived Jessica Konen of her civil rights as a parent, that they conspired to do so, and that they inflicted emotional distress on both Jessica and her daughter.

Those legal claims and more are at the heart of our lawsuit. I believe our evidence lays out a very strong case. But you must remember, this is a California school district and the defense’s case will be funded by the government. And it will pay whatever it takes to defend leftist ideologies.

That’s why, I hope you’ll also consider making a generous donation of $25, $35, $50 or $100 to help fund our case.

The Center for American Liberty is a nonprofit organization, meaning we receive no government funding — unlike the deep-pocketed defendants in most of our cases.

Because of this, we rely on support from generous Americans who can recognize an injustice and want to see it set right. Our nonprofit status also means your donation is tax-deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law.

We’ve seen evidence of this type of “grooming” at schools across the country. And it’s not just in places like California! Dangerous teachers like this are unfortunately in classrooms across the country. Thankfully, the tide seems to be turning against them.

Earlier this year, Governor DeSantis outlawed teachers from having these sexualized conversations with their young students. And elsewhere, parents have gotten involved with their local school boards to run for office and change policies that have put radical gender ideology ahead of student safety or parental rights.

Those are political solutions. Ours is a legal one.

And I believe that, in order to fully purge this predatory behavior from our schools, we need to fight this battle on all available fronts.

Won’t you please help us win this fight in a court of law? Join the fight with a generous donation of $35 or more so the courts, the plaintiffs, the defendants — everybody — will know how big the nationwide movement to protect kids has grown.

No parent should have to endure what Jessica Konen and her daughter did, and it’s up to us to use the full force of the law to make sure no teacher is allowed to get away with this again.

Thank you,

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