Proposal for more sanctioned homeless encampments in Seattle raises public safety concerns

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Seattle could see more tiny home villages pop up across the city. On Wednesday, City Council members will discuss a proposal to add dozens more sanctioned homeless encampments. The proposal would allow 40 sanctioned encampments, each having up to 100 residents. The city’s legislation would exempt churches and religious groups from acquiring a land use permit, making it easier to set up the tiny home villages and run them. There are currently nine sanctioned homeless encampments in Seattle. Before the Licton Springs Village was shut down, the people who lived around it said it caused nothing but problems. “Waking up to men outside my bedroom window was one of the things that I was not okay with. Or finding needles in my neighbor’s yards,” said Amber Matthai, who lived in the same neighborhood as the former Licton Springs Village. “I actually know two people that sold their homes and moved. They were actually on Nesbit, straight across from the encampment. And they had so many problems with people intruding into their homes while they were eating dinner that they moved.”


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