Propaganda! The CCP ‘China Daily’ Rag is Delivered to Every Senator & Congressman Daily


Exclusive: Rep. Jim Banks Demands Congress Take Action to Stop Chinese Propaganda from Infiltrating Congress

Rep. Jim Banks (R-IN) on Wednesday called out the Democrats’ hypocrisy on China and demanded Congress take action on the Chinese propaganda that is delivered to Congress’s doorsteps daily, according to a letter exclusively obtained by Breitbart News.

“While the rhetoric in Congress is loud about ‘combatting Chinese influence’ and the need to be ‘tough on China,’ Americans will not take our claims seriously if we do not take action to prevent China from running propaganda in our own legislature,” Banks said in a letter sent to House Administration Chairwoman Zoe Lofgren.

“The Chinese party-state has successfully infiltrated our free press and even our governing legislature to spread its propaganda. This is unacceptable and the Congress has a duty to respond,” said Banks.

Banks’ letter follows his December 2019 request to the Committee on House Administration to hold a hearing on the growing dissemination of China Daily in the halls of Congress. China Daily is an English-language newspaper published by the Chinese Communist Party that gets delivered to each Congressional office at no charge:

A registered foreign agent in the United States, China Daily is owned and bankrolled by the Publicity Department of the Communist Party of China – the agency responsible for monitoring and controlling all media in the one-party state. In recent years, China has increased its media outreach globally through outlets such as China Daily. According to Foreign Agent Registration Act (FARA) receipts, the Chinese party-state has invested over $20 million on China Daily between 2017 and 2019.

Banks’ letter also called out the National News Agency for distributing China Daily to congressional offices, writing that “it openly advertises to its client: ‘We will work directly with you to achieve any congressional objective.’” China Daily arrives in offices alongside newspapers like Politico, which Banks fears would lend the newspaper credibility regarding China-U.S. relations.

Although top Democrats like Nancy Pelosi claim to support sanctions on China for “crimes against humanity targeting Uighurs,” in practice, it is a different story. According to the National Review, the Democrats stripped out a provision of their reconciliation bill prohibiting funding for entities implicated in the Uighur genocide.

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