Pro-Migration Group Tells Biden: Let Foreign Parents Join Illegal Immigrant Relatives


President-elect Joe Biden should invite foreign parents to live with their illegal immigrant sons and daughters in the United States, a group of pro-migration activists with close ties to D.C. elites demanded Friday.

The D.C.-based Refugees International group also wants Joe Biden to import economic migrants by relabelling them as students, even if they cannot speak English.

The border-blurring recommendations are included in a December 18 plan for Biden, which says he should revive and expand the short-lived Central American Minors (CAM) program, which was shut down by President Donald Trump in 2017:

The administration should also consider expanding CAM eligibility to include parents outside the United States who have children living in the United States, regardless of the children’s immigration status, where either the parent or the child may be at risk.

The original CAM program was only intended to deliver youths to their parent migrants with had conditional or temporary legal status.

The group’s “regardless of … immigration status” proposal is an open display of contempt for ordinary Americans, said Rosemary Jenks, director of government relations at NumbersUSA:

They have no sense of what an average Americans’ life is like. But they can say, “Oh, I’m a good person because I’m helping these people, you know, bringing up illegal aliens from Central America, I’m reuniting families!” … It’s all about being able to go to your cocktail parties and say “I’m a good human being because I’m on the board of this organization that’s doing this great work to screw American workers and help everyone else in the world.”

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