Pro-Migrant Ex-Italian Mayor Sentenced to 13 Years for Fraud, Aiding Illegal Migration, Abuse of Office


Once praised for his pro-migrant welcoming policies, former Riace mayor Domenico “Mimmo” Lucano has been sentenced to 13 years and two months in prison on several charges including aiding illegal migration into Italy.

Lucano was once hailed by many, such as theBBC in 2016, for his welcoming of migrants into the town of Riace and was even namedin the top 50 world leaders by Fortunemagazine that same year.

This week, however, the Italian court of Locri found Lucano guilty of aiding illegal migration, being a member of a criminal association, state fraud, embezzlement, and abuse of office, receiving a 13 year and two-month sentence, well above the seven years and 11 months requested by the prosecution, according to newspaper Il Giornale.

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