Priest’s Wife Arrested in Front of Her Children for Alleged Gender Wrongthink on Social Media 

Britain’s woke police have come under criticism again after they arrested a mother of five, the wife of a priest, for allegedly posting offensive statements on the internet.

On Monday, while she was cooking dinner for her family, Caroline Farrow — an activist and outspoken critic of modern far-left gender ideology — was taken from her home, frisked “for drugs”, and arrested by Surrey Police.

“One minute I was making dinner for my kids and then next I was having my socks checked for drugs. This took up an entire shift. What an absolute waste of police time,” she said.

Mrs Farrow claims that the officers entered her home “without a warrant”, sharing footage of what appears to be a large officer barging through her front door. She claimed that the officers then seized her electronic devices, including a tablet used by her special needs daughter to do her homework and listen to Harry Potter audiobooks.


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