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The New York Post:

A wild mob attacked at least three food vendors outside Washington Square Park — ripping down one victim’s American flag hanging on his cart and hurling a soda can at another, two of the victims told The Post Monday.

The mayhem erupted Sunday night as the rowdy revelers — fresh off Pride Parade celebrations earlier in the day — demanded Abdo Mansour replace his American flag with a Pride flag, he recalled.

“They said, ‘Take that f—ing flag down. Why don’t you put up my flag?’” Mansour said. “And they broke my American flag.”

“I called the cops. They didn’t want to come,” he said. “The cops stayed right there.”

“How many minutes the cops were waiting to see what happened? It was like 15 minutes,” he added. “A lot of people came. They broke stuff, they stole money.”

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