President Trump, it’s time for a little less talk and a lot more action

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American Thinker:

We see the left setting the stage for a race war, a civil war, a revolution.  And we look around for our leaders. And find none.

The Trump administration has had a few things to say during these unsettling times.

Trump doesn’t approve of statues being torn down.  Barr threatens Bolton with proceeds from his book being forked over if Bolton doesn’t complete the approval process prior to publication.  (By the way: financial profits, not potential jail time!)

Trump tweets about “law and order.”

Barr and Trump warn that mail-in ballots are a recipe for massive voter fraud, including outside interference from China.

Pompeo is aghast at how poorly the media covered a recent major announcement by the State Department.

And I’m sorry to say that needless to say, our so-called leaders on the right who sit in Congress do nothing.  Not one has the guts to speak the truth.  (Truth = Black Lives Matter is a front group for Marxists bent on taking this country down.)

Meanwhile, the left has plenty of words, but leftists are also taking action as they steamroll across America, putting all the pieces into place to steal the election, silencing speech, wreaking havoc in our streets with impunity, and tearing down statues.  This is about far more than statues — it’s about our history, our founding fathers, the birth of this nation, and ultimately our Constitution.

Threats and violence work if no one stops them.  And no one is stopping them.

The commies are out of the closet and doing what they always do: destroy.  This time, they’re hiding within, and behind, Black Lives Matter, which uses the accusation of racism like a human shield.

It doesn’t have to be this way.  If someone would stand up to this madness, we might have a fighting chance.

But a lopsided war is being waged as one side advances and the other side is impotent or missing in action.

We cannot sustain this.  Our country is being destroyed before our eyes.

America is an idea, and it can survive only if we, as Americans, bring that idea to life.  But right now, those intent on destroying America are having a field day while the rest of us, from ordinary Americans to those with power, sit, watch, and comment.

Some have written that problems are only in Democrat-run cities, so there’s nothing to be concerned about if you live in rural areas.  But that’s not true.  This is beyond looting and arson (which are bad enough).  This is about thoughtcrimes and the end of free speech.  It’s about people being afraid to speak their minds, losing their jobs if they express ideas that run counter to the leftist narrative.  It’s about being physically assaulted — and, in some cases, killed.

Others have written that such movements typically die out.  But I would assert that’s an old model.  America has sustained decades and decades of an education system that brainwashes our children, a media complex that is (im)pure propaganda, and big tech that wields incredible power over our ability to express our views.

Still others have posited that if we just wait it out, there will be a backlash, to which I say: maybe.  But we have four months to Election Day, and I wouldn’t count on anything short of being bold and strong immediately, as in now, and tomorrow, and every day thereafter.

But all we’re served up are words.  Or silence — as we chronicle our demise.

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