Pregnant woman having contractions attacked at mall


Police in Virginia are searching for a group seen in a disturbing video attacking a pregnant woman experiencing contractions at the mall, officials said.

Rosalinda Cunningham, who is nine months pregnant, said she was attempting to leave a Spotsylvania shopping center on Thanksgiving with her boyfriend to head to the hospital when a group of what appeared to be teens surrounded their vehicle, news station WTVR reported.

The group then allegedly demanded Cunningham’s boyfriend, Vincent Pace, get out of his car in the Guitar Center parking lot.

“They literally just stood in front of the car, started banging on the car [and] kicking the car telling him to get out of the vehicle,” Cunningham told the news station.

After opening Cunningham’s unlocked door, the crowd reportedly dragged her from the vehicle as an assailant hit her in the back.

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