Doug Solomon — the 26-year-old Manhattanite who, police say, bashed his mother to death with a lamp on Tuesday before jumping out a window to his own death — is remembered as being withdrawn and at loose ends.

“He displayed a lot of signs of depression,” a former classmate from the elite Poly Prep Country Day School in Brooklyn told The Post. “He was not going out to clubs or doing much of anything. He was anti-social. I didn’t reach out to Doug but, after talking to some people from our Poly Prep friend group, it sounded like he didn’t want to be reached out to. You don’t want to ask what’s going on to a person who has nothing going on.”

Police sources described the son of retired New York justice Charles Solomon as “rudderless.” A background check on Doug, who still lived at home with his parents, nearly eight years after dropping out of Rhodes College during his 2014-2015 freshman year, shows no history of employment.

The former classmate added, “We all loved Doug. But if he was still alive, and if we hit him up right now, he would probably be chilling in his room.”


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