Post Impeachment, a Key Republican Suburban Area Rallies Around Trump

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The New York Times:

Voters in the populous, heavily Republican suburbs west of Milwaukee did not entirely embrace Donald Trump in 2016. They do now.

WAUKESHA, Wis. — The moment President Trump was acquitted in the Senate this week, Judy Ryan was licking a blueberry ice cream cone in the Brookfield Square shopping mall and feeling happy.

Ms. Ryan, 74, a retired factory worker, had followed the impeachment trial almost every day. The more Democrats attacked Mr. Trump, the more protective she felt, and the more hopeful she was that he would be re-elected.

“They just pushed him right back into the presidency,” she said, wiping the corner of her mouth with a napkin. “He should say thank you to all of them for the help.”


“He’s from New York, and I thought nothing good could come out of New York,” said Marge Ingold, a retired business owner who voted for Mr. Cruz in the primary. She is now a firm Trump supporter. “He believes what we believe,” she said. “He is standing up for the people.”

Impeachment, she said, was simply the most recent installment of a long effort to take down Mr. Trump.

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